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Buy & Donate,
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Charity Shopping Super Mall
& Search Stores, Retailers, Merchants & Services.
(Abba Online Mall Established Online by Telephone in 1972 & Online by Internet in 1996)

1. Shop, Search, Browse, Enjoy & Buy.
2. Kind Merchants pay an affiliate fee.
3. We Can then Make Donations to Suffering
Children and Charities & Helping Organizations.

All of This is at No Cost to You &
Privately & Safely,
with No Sign In or
Sign Up, or Personal Information Needed!


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Welcome to Our New & Growing Mall!
Enjoy Searching through Our Listings of
Thousands of
 Domestic & Worldwide Stores,
Service Providers & Travel Cos, with Our Direct Links
Their Websites, Products & Merchant Information!

Start Here at & Browse Away!
When You Shop & Make a Purchase,
You'll Be Automatically, Giving Help to Very
Needy Children, and
Charities & Helping Orgs.

As You Know: We All See the Suffering.
Our Hearts are Touched. We Really Care.

We Want to Help. We Ask How & Where?
We Try to Do Something Worthwhile.
You are Kind & Take the Effort & Trouble to
Shop through & Automatically
Care for, Give to & Help Out: Needy, Sick &
Suffering Children and Charities & Helping Orgs...

So Find & Buy, What You Like & Need &
Also Know that You have Made
A Big & Vital Difference in Someone's Life!

We're A Private & Safe Mall! There's No Need to
Sign In,
Sign Up or Give Out Your Personal Information!

We are Building Quickly & There Will Be Over
2500 Stores & Services Listed Here Quite Soon...

Note: We Provide You with a Super Mall of
Listings of Stores & Services, for Your Convenience
, to
Enjoy, Browse, Find & Shop.
Of course, some companies
do not offer
affiliate fees, but instead, give directly or
in other
ways, to charities & helping organizations.

Thank You!
Buy & Donate, Online Charity Shopping Mall
Visit All Your Favorite Stores &
Services with Our Easy 3 Click Shopping.
Everyone is Welcome Here to Enjoy Browsing,
Buying & Making A Vital Contribution to a Child's Life!

When You Shop through Here, Your Stores & Services
Pay a Finder's or Affiliate's Fee. Then We Can Donate to
Needy, Sick & Suffering Kids, Charities or Caring Organizations.

All with No Personal Sign Up Needed and at No Cost to You!

If You Begin Your Online Shopping at
You Will Know that You Will Be Personally Making a
Big & Vital  Difference in Someone's Life, All Because of
Your Extra Trouble Coming Here and Caring for, Giving to &
Helping to Support, So Many Who are Hurting & Needing...

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How You Can Help & How It Works:
It's Easy and Quick.
We Keep It Simple with Three Click Shopping
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  You're at Your Destination!

         Enjoy Browsing & Shopping!

This is All Also at No Cost to You. It's Private Too.
There is No Sign Up or Personal Info Needed!

When You Make A Purchase, Your Store or Service,
Automatically Sends Us a Finders Fee or Affiliate Fee.
We Can then Make Donations to
Charities & Caring & Helping Organizations & for
& Their Vital Needs & Relief from Sickness & Suffering.
If You Begin Your Online Shopping at in
Your Bookmarks, Favorites or Desktop Icons:

We Will Be Convenient & Easy to Access and

You'll Know You are Making a Big & Vital Difference in
A Child's, Families' or Person's Life!   You Will Be Giving

Our Needy, Sick & Suffering Kids: Comfort, Hope & Also
Helping Support,
Those Organizations that Care Like You Do!

All the Children & People You Help, and Yes, All of
Us Here Too, Can’t Thank You Enough for Your Extra
Trouble in Coming Here, Your Heart, Caring & Kindness!

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Search, Browse, Enjoy, Buy & Donate, Online Charity Shopping Super Mall is Caring, Private, Fund Raising Company &
Provider for You, Our Consumers & Our Kind Merchants, of A Listing of Internet, Online Retailers, Stores, Services & Businesses.
   At Abba River Online Charity Shopping: We're All Hoping, with Your Kind Effort & Heart, to Try to Make a Difference in Helping,
Relieving, Saving & Restoring, in various ways, the Lives of Needy, Sick & Suffering Children, as well as, Charities & Helping Orgs.
   Abba River Mall & Abba Online Mall: Our Business was Established Originally in 1972, by Advertising &
Online by Telephone, Answers & Referrals, to Consumers for Local Businesses & Service Providers.
   We Established Abba Online & by Online Internet for Computers in 1996.
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